Laura Puértolas Domènech


She combines a wide knowledge on consulting and business with her research experience, and has a permanently curious and open-minded attitude. PhD Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Univ. of Barcelona, UB), MSc Fundamental and Applied Ecology (UB), BSc Environmental Sciences (UB). She has worked in Institut Cerdà for 5 years, where she was Project Manager of Strategic Consultancy and has led more than 30 multi-stakeholder projects, reporting to senior management of public and private clients (national and international companies). She worked previously as researcher at the Ecology Department (UB) and as a freelance consultant at the Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

Joan Marí Colomar


He has a transversal and applied vision of Social Sciences, with experience in research, dissemination and in document management; combining a critical spirit and an ability for dialogue. MSc in Historic Studies (UB), BSc in History (UB), Law studies (UOC, Open University of Catalonia). He has been researcher in the Modern History Department (UB) and collaborator at the Historic Archive (UB) during 3 years. He is author of several papers in dissemination journals and encyclopaedias. He is trained as a teacher, and has the Pedagogical Aptitude Certification (CAP). Among his interests are the tasks of conservation and restoration of the rural landscape and architectural heritage.

Elena Muntán Bordas


She has a naturalist spirit, an extensive knowledge on fauna and flora, with notable experience in scientific research. PhD Ecology and Environmental Sciences (UB), MSc Fund. and Applied Ecology (UB), BSc (Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona, UAB). She has worked as researcher in different projects on applied research, based on the study of tree rings, and she has presented the results of her investigation in conferences around the world and scientific peer-reviewed journals. She has a long experience in Iberian mountain fieldwork in Mediterranean and Pyrenean environments.

Jaime Ordóñez Salinas


He has a long background coordinating multidisciplinary research and management teams, and experience in consulting and in business sector. PhD Ecology and Environmental Sciences (UB), MSc Ecology (UB), BSc Biology (National Univ. of Colombia, UN). He has worked as a researcher in numerous projects on reservoir management and research, led by different institutions, such as UB and UPC (Politechnic Univ. of Catalonia). He has published and presented his research in international journals and conferences and is Editorial Secretary of a scientific journal. He has also worked as a consultant in rural development projects in Colombia and has experience as entrepreneur.